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Sony Flashes Page 3


Sony Alpha HVL-F20M External Flash with Batteries & Charger + Accessory Kit

by Sony

  • KIT INCLUDES 5 PRODUCTS -- All BRAND NEW Items with all Manufacturer-supplied Accessories + Full USA Warranties:

  • [1] Sony Alpha HVL-F20M External Flash +

  • [2] (4) AAA Batteries & Charger +

  • [3] PD 6pc Complete Cleaning Kit +

  • [4] AA / AAA Battery Case + [5] Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

    This compact and lightweight Sony HVL-F20M flash extends the illumination range beyond your Alpha NEX camera's built-in flash and includes Sony's multi-interface shoe for expanded compatibility. Bounce flash enables shadowless indirect lighting while TTL (through the lens) flash exposure is automatically controlled by your camera for easy and intuitive operation. There's also a built-in diffuser which is ideal for wide and telephoto shooting.

    Provide your camera with plenty of power with 4 AAA high capacity Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries and a multi-voltage rapid charger.

    This 6-piece cleaning kit contains everything you'll ever need to properly clean your lenses, including a Hurricane Air Blower, Lens Cleaning Tissues, Lens Cloth, Lens Cleaning Liquid, Brush and Cotton Swabs.

Sony HVLFDH4 Video Flash Light for the DCRHC40/65/85 and the DCRVX2100:


Technical Details:

  • Video Light automatically switches on when in dark environment

  • Powered by camcorder

  • Flash for still pictures, video light for moving pictures

  • Works with Intelligent Accessory Shoe

  • Flash automatically regulates light output

  • Dimension: Approx. W35 x H69 x D53 mm

  • Weight: Approx. 70g

  • Color: Silver

  • Power Supply from Main Unit: via Intelligent

  • "margin: 0.5em 0em">"margin: 0.5em 0em">Accessory Shoe(8pin)

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Metz MZ 44316SNEW 44AF-1 Multi Interface Shoe Mount Flash for Digital Sony (Black) by Metz

  • Clear control panel

  • High performance with max. guide number of 44

  • Flip out reflector card

  • Integrated wide angle diffuser

  • for cameras with "Sony Multi Inter-face" flash shoes

Product Description

Compact high performance With its slim-line design and new quick lock system for the unit base, the mecablitz 44 AF-1 digital is the perfect solution for price-conscious amateur photographers. The clear control panel on the back of the unit impresses with its simple operation; offering a high level of functional reliability. The high performance design affords reserve power in any photo situation (max. guide number 44 for ISO 100/21 Degree and 105 mm). Depending on the camera, it has the appropriate application possibilities for any lighting conditions in TTL mode. The photographer can manually set up to 4 partial light levels enabling manipulation of lighting effects. With the appropriate camera model the mecablitz can also be synchronized to the first or second shutter curtain enabling variable options for creative lighting. Depending on the camera, the Metz 44 AF-1 also offers a slave mode, making wireless TTL flash child’s play - and opening up new dimensions in flash photography. Its motor zoom function (24 -105 mm), the fully swiveling reflector with flip-out reflector card and the integrated wide-angle diffuser (12 mm) afford the photographer additional creative scope. These models are equipped with new feet for cameras with “Sony Multi Inter-face” flash shoes.

Sony HVL-20DMA 10-Watt and 20-Watt Dual Video Light for DCR-DVD 301 Camcorders:


Technical Details:

  • Dual video light for compatible Handycam camcorders

  • Provides bright lighting for rich, detailed video

  • Easily switches from single-light 10 watt output to dual-light 20 watt output

  • Includes an adjustable adaptor bar for easy mounting and lighting flexibility

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Model number: HVL-20DMA

  • Compatible models: Sony CCD-TRV118, CCD-TRV128, CCD-TRV138, CCD-TRV318, CCD-TRV328, CCD-TRV338, DCR-DVD100, DCR-DVD101, DCR-DVD200, DCR-DVD201, DCR-DVD300, DCR-DVD301, DCR-PC100, DCR-PC101, DCR-PC105, DCR-PC110, DCR-PC115, DCR-PC120BT, DCR-PC330, DCR-PC9, DCR-TRV10, DCR-TRV11, DCR-TRV17, DCR-TRV18, DCR-TRV19, DCR-TRV20, DCR-TRV22, DCR-TRV230, DCR-TRV240, DCR-TRV25, DCR-TRV250, DCR-TRV260, DCR-TRV27, DCR-TRV280, DCR-TRV30, DCR-TRV33, DCR-TRV330, DCR-TRV350, DCR-TRV360, DCR-TRV38, DCR-TRV39, DCR-TRV460, DCR-TRV480, DCR-TRV50, DCR-TRV530, DCR-TRV6, DCR-TRV70, DCR-TRV730, DCR-TRV8, DCR-TRV80, DCR-TRV830, DCR-TRV950

  • Lamp type: XB-20DX halogen lamp

  • Lamp power consumption: 10 W / 20 W switchable

  • Lamp life: 1000 hours

  • Color temperature: 3000 K

  • Center luminance intensity: 400 cd (10 W), 800 cd (20W)

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