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NIKON N75QD 35MM Autofocus SLR Film Camera Body Only ( Silver / Black ) Description and Reviews.

Product Description:
From the Manufacturer
Nikon's New 25-segment 3D Matrix Metering System utilzes an on board database of over 30,000 stored images in all Auto Modes to ensure proper exposure. Center Partial Metering automatically selected in Manual mode. Spot Metering selectable in AE Lock with custom setting option.

New Three-mode Focus Area Selection toggle switch makes it easy to capture precious moments. Nikon's exclusive Dynamic AF technology incorporated into Closest Subject Priority, User-Selected Area and Center-Subject Priority Modes.

Innovative autofocus system features five separate AF detections sensors that cover the top, bottom, center, left and right of the frame for fluid and accurate composition and coverage. In-focus, confirmation beep notifies you when subject is in focus.

Flash System: 5-Segment TTL Multi-Sensor and Monitor Pre-Flash system determines the right amount of flash needed to fill in or eliminate shadows in bright-light situations and automatically balance foreground and background illuminations for stunning results.

SLR-Quality Photos Made Easy: AUTO mode setting removes quesswork from picture taking. Five Vari-Program modes tailored to specific scenes and subjects; such as portrait, landscape, close-up, sports and night portrait; significantly enhance the N75's versatility.

Product Description
Light, durable, and loaded with advanced features / Quartz Dating - Time/Date Imprint / Lens required ? not included

Product Description
The NIKON N75QD is a lightweight AF SLR camera loaded with advanced features & innovations to make photography simple for beginners and experienced photographers alike. The N75QD is an excellent choice for portraits, sports action, nature photography and many other applications. Exposure Bracketing & Exposure Compensation modes Built-in Speedlight & Advanced Flash System Diopter adjustment Up to 1.5 fps in Continuous mode Power - (2) 3V CR2 lithium batteries Size - 3.6H x 5.2W x 2.6D; weighs about 13.4 ounces


Product Reviews:


Nice plastic camera, April 25, 2006
Reviewer: Laura Kortum

This is an amazing plastic cheap camera by nikon, takes great pictures in almost every condition. is not for super professional use, but has every function you might ever need in daily use. I have used mine in sub zero temperatures to searing hot 50 degree celcius weather. works fine till date.
try buying the nikkor 28-200mm g ED plastic lens with it, will work like a breeze.
also the metering system is very good. is a little less sturdy than the F80/N80,, also hence the low price.
the flash isnt very powerful, neither is the sync speed (1/90)
is better with the speed-light.
all around a very nice, light, cheap camera that will deliver as promised in almost every situation.
is better to handle with the MB-18 battery pack, also enables vertical shooting and AA batteries.
am happier with this camera than i was with my f100

An excellent camera for beginner to intermediate photographers, March 21, 2006
Reviewer: Thomas F. Glover

The N75 is a very easy to use autofocus camera. It is compatible with most all Nikkor lenses, producing razor-sharp pictures. We used ours with high-speed Fuji print film and a Nikkor 70-300 mm telephoto lens and got some really good shots inside Madison Square Garden at the Westminster KC Dog Show recently. One weak point is the wimpy built-in Speedlight - good for snapshots but not much else, recommend getting one of the newer autofocus Speedlights such as the SB-600. If you're a really serious photographer go for something more robust like the N80, N90 or F100, but the N75 is a great camera for everyday use and a very affordable entry into the world of Nikon.

Film backup for Digital Photography, March 1, 2006
Reviewer: Mr. Martin H. Schwartz

This is a great 35MM SLR. It provides a very good film body that allows you to use all your Nikon lenses and experiment with various types of negative and slide films. It has all the features of Nikon Digital SLRs(but uses film) and is very easy to use.

Basic Features of Camera, January 27, 2006
Reviewer: Andrew N. Lloyd "Wonder Andrew"

It is an excellent beginner to intermediate person using a camera. It is an excellent product brand. takes great protrait, sports, and nature pictures. For the advanced it would not be as great. Simple button features and built in speed make it for the average user to use.



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