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Kodak EasyShare DX7590 5MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom Description.


Product Description:

Product Description
There's a world of inspiring beauty out there, and the Kodak EasyShare DX7590 zoom digital camera is designed to capture it all.

A professional-quality 10X optical zoom Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon lens for amazingly crisp pictures. Five megapixels for prints up to 20" x 30". And powerful, high-performance features offer exceptional control. The DX7590. Engineered to perform. Certain to impress.


Product Reviews:


Many pluses. Few minuses., November 17, 2004
Reviewer: L. Sanchez

I've taken a lot of pictures with this camera as well as with many other digital cameras. I rank this camera near the top for cameras in this price range.

Rather than going through all of the features, I'm going to comment on what I think makes this camera stand out and what I think this camera lacks.

Two of the things that make this camera really stand out are:
1. It has a huge lens, and
2. The lens is made out of glass, not plastic.

I believe that these two factors make more of a difference in photo quality than other things, such as a high mega pixel count. You can really see the quality in the photos that this camera takes. The colors are accurate. The images are sharp. And there is no noise when you take a low light, flash photo.

Other nice things about this camera:
The flash is more than adequate. The 2.2" LCD is really nice. The movies it takes are decent and you have unlimited movie time. It has a ton of user options and features. And of course, the zoom on this camera is incredible for the size and price. This camera has many, many nice things about it, too numerous to go into here.

The down sides are few. One of them is that the camera is big. I really can't consider it a "pocket" camera because it simply won't fit in your pocket. But that's the trade off for the big lens and the huge zoom.

This camera also has some difficulty focusing in low light. This is the reason I didn't give it 5 stars. Kodak did improve on this from the previous version of this camera (the DX6490) but every camera manufacturer should add that little red light that shines on the subject so that the camera can achieve a proper focus in low light. This is the one feature that I think this, and all cameras that don't have a manual focus, should absolutely have.

If you're looking for a pocket camera, this probably won't suit your needs. Just remember that most, if not all pocket cameras in this price range have really small, plastic lenses. Usually this means a very noticeable sacrifice in image quality (the Sony-T1 is an example of this).

Before you buy this camera, I would recommend you look into the Fugifilm Finepix S5000 and S5100. These are also excellent cameras, but I prefer the Kodak.

Top Notch Camera - More features but low light issues!, September 16, 2004
Reviewer: Scott Anderson "Sharpsburg"
This camera is loaded with many special features such as an easy to use dial that allows specific selections to a much larger screen that allows you clear viewing of all your pictures even in bright light.
It fits nicely in your hand and the toggle switch for telephoto/zoom makes getting that close up shot a breeze! The camera dock is easy to use and charges the battery as stated within three hours. I've also purchased a 512 mg card and at the 5 mega pixels setting the DX7590 can store 315 pictures.
     When you turn on the camera it helps you with each setting, allowing you to pick the right one for the job and even going as far as telling you to turn on the flash or hold the camera steady.
     The pictures from the camera are bright, colorful and crisp and ready to be printed out. The camera allows you easy transfer of the pcitures between camera and printer or computer and the colors come alive with the right color printer. Even on draft mode the pics are decent quality.  The internal settings allow for easy saving and documentation of special events in folders as well as individual pictures.

The only minor issue with the camera is that a proper hand hold on the left side might give the users better stability. The right side offers an easy hand hold with flip up access to the memory card.

Over all this camera is one excellent camera and one excellent buy for under $500.00. The entire package, including zoom, 32 mg internal memory, charging dock and 5mg pixel capabilities make this a great buy!
Highly recommended!
Additional info 5-31-05 Rated only 3 stars now!
Found Some Flaws and Kodak will not help, May 31, 2005
After using this camera for more than several months, it's been to the shop to replace a bad zoom lens. Kodak sent out a new camera and the new camera had updated software for the low light situation but it did not fix the problem. The camera takes awesome bright and average light pictures but the low light pictures come out blurry. Here is some of the email sent to me from Kodak.

RE: Case# 7405518
I'm sorry to hear of your low light focus problem. If you're sure you have upgraded your firmware to 1.01 there is little more we can offer as a solution at this time. However, one "trick" that may work is to artificially introduce more white content into the photo environment and then crop it out of the final image as required.
I appreciate your patience and ask that you keep an eye on our support web page where we will announce any new updates that may help resolve the situation.
Thank you,
Tom Sullivan
Consumer Advocates Office
Eastman Kodak Company

In the last email after the one listed above, Kodak told me to sell the camera, "as is" to someone else and then use the proceeds to purchase the z7590 with two low light sensors, thus passing

on the problem to someone else.
Not very customer friendly from a company that really needs the support of every loyal customer.
I'd wait to buy until they fix the camera.
Scott C. Anderson
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