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Fujifilm FinePix 2650 2MP Digital Camera w/ 3x Optical Zoom Description.

Product Description:

Amazon.com Review
The FinePix 2650 proves that entry-level digital cameras don't necessarily have to take mediocre pictures or skimp on the features. Unlike many other cameras at this price, this model offers a limited amount of manual control, with six white balance modes and four different flash modes. Of course, everything can be set to automatic as well, and that's where this camera is in its element.


Offering only 2 megapixels, the FinePix 2650 isn't going to stun you with finely detailed images, but it is perfectly adequate for creating small prints or snapping photos you plan to e-mail or use on a Web site. Its color reproduction is impressive, as the camera doesn't suffer from the

supersaturation problems that plague lesser products in this price range. Colors are bright but accurate, and don't "bleed" very much due to compression.


Unfortunately the viewfinder cuts off a surprisingly large part of the final image, making it difficult to frame shots. The excellent LCD on the back of the camera compensates, of course, and for the types of pictures most people will use this camera for it's a minor problem.

Of greater concern is the long interval of image processing after a shot is snapped. The camera churns away compressing and storing an image for up to 8 seconds after each picture, eliminating the possibility of taking shots in quick succession.


Otherwise, the included 16 MB xD-Picture Card is fast during transfers and when images are erased, although users may want to upgrade to a larger card if they plan to stick with high-quality images of 1,600 x 1,200. Despite its few problems, the FinePix 2650 remains an excellent light-duty snapshot camera. --T. Byrl Baker



Bright, fast LCD

3x optical zoom

Easy to operate



Slow recovery time after each shot

Needs a larger memory card

Product Description
The FinePix 2650 Zoom camera, with 2.0 million effective pixels, produces image with 1600 x 1200 recorded pixels. It is provided with a simple user-friendly control and an easy USB computer connection. A sliding lens cover protects the lens during storage. The FinePix 2650 Zoom features a Fujinon 3X optical / 2.5X digital zoom, video recording, and PC-cam Internet mode. The camera comes with a 16MB XD-Picture Card, 2 AA batteries, FinePix software and a USB cable.



Product Reviews:


   FinePix 2650 - a very modern camera, September 25, 2002

Lubos Motl
Fuji FinePix 2650 is my third digital camera. The first one was KB JamCam (that is sold for [$$$] today) and the second one was Kyocera KZ (that I bought for [$$$] or so). Although I had to pay slightly more this time, the improvement is obvious.
The pictures are crisp and sharp with colors that are smooth and bright. Unlike the previous cameras, I do not need to adjust the brightness or the contrast of each picture using photoshop software. They look beautiful as soon as I upload them into my computer (and even on the camera's LCD display). The flash does not "wash out" the faces; the pictures taken at night look fine, too. The camera has automatic detection of the lighting and also a manual mode that allows one to adjust the "weather" and other parameters. There are also several settings for the flash (on/off/auto/red-eye-remove/night-scene).
Fuji did a great job with power conservation. Two alkaline AA batteries (included) were sufficient to take about 150 pictures (including 50 shots with flash) and several short videos before the "battery low" icon appeared. The power saving features are better than they used to be even though the lens is moving constantly especially when the camera is turned off and on. This motion looks sexy and the sliding cover protecting lens is useful.
Aside from the power switch attached on spring, trigger and the switch between three modes stillpix/view/video, the camera is controlled by three buttons next to display - which I would call "display on/off/grid", "enter" and "escape" - and four arrow keys to browse the menus on the LCD display. The up/down arrow key is put on the same button which is also used to zoom in/out. FinePix 2650 can zoom up to 3 times optically (which is the case that keeps the maximal resolution) and the LCD display shows where the digital zoom - up to 2.5 times - takes over. FinePix 2650 has furthermore the 3-position trigger with the AF/AE lock that allows one to focus on the object which won't be in the center of the picture at the end.
The totally new feature of FinePix 2650 - compared to its predecessor 2600 - is its tiny and cute Fuji XD memory card. The default 16 MB card (included) can be replaced by cards with up to 128 MB (the biggest one costs about 70 dollars). I am afraid that it is such a big memory that the (alkaline) batteries would be gone before I could fill the memory. With 16 MB I can take about 45 pictures at my favorite 1280 x 960 resolution, about 30 pictures at the maximal resolution 1600 x 1200, or about 130 small 640 x 480 images.
The camera has the logo "designed for Windows XP" (which is my OS) and it works without any problems (I believe it also works with all older systems). FinePix 2650 immediately connects to the PC as a "removable disk FinePix E:" in my case. The package contains a manual as well as some extra new photoshop software. The camera can be also connected as a PC camera for videoconferencing.

Generally the videos from FinePix 2650 are sharper than those made with Logitech QuickCam, for example, however I am not satisfied with the behavior of videos in darker environments. The videos (and probably also the image from the "webcam 2650") are too dim and I found even QuickCam better in these situations. The camera also does not focus very well in the dark which makes the pictures a bit fuzzy especially if the flash is not used. There is a lot of space for improvement. However, night video is not the main reason why I bought this camera and therefore I can unequivocably recommend this camera.


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